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MCA offers a variety of certification programs to meet the growing demands of having certified professionals design, place, finish, and test concrete.



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2019/2020 Certification Instructor/Examiner Volunteer Sign Up
October 1, 2019

If you are interested in volunteering as either an instructor (assist students on lab practice days)
or supplemental examiner (assist with grading students on exam day), please take a moment to
review the information summarized below. As a thank you for helping us this year, the MCA
will be offering a Under Armour Travel Bag to all examiners and instructors. So that we can
order the correct number of backpacks, please click the button below, fill out the form & email it to lclegg@miconcrete.net by Friday, November 15th.

Preventing Scaling of Concrete Surfaces in Michigan
January 28, 2019

Scaling, as defined by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 116, is the “local flaking or peeling away of the near-surface portion of hardened concrete or mortar.” Sometimes called mortar flaking when it occurs just over the aggregates near the surface, it is primarily a physical action created by hydraulic pressures from repeated freeze-thaw cycles within the concrete. The expansive forces caused by the formation of ice are exacerbated with deicing chemicals, which increase both the saturation of the concrete and the number of freeze-thaw cycles. The distress mechanisms of scaling are complex on both a microscopic and macroscopic level.

Concrete Paving Inspection Course
January 12, 2018


MCA is pleased to offer a Concrete Paving Inspection course to train both inspectors and contractors in the construction of concrete pavements. The course will cover the important tasks and dutties of both the construction personnel and those observing the work.