Much of the work performed by the MCA benefits the entire industry, whether you’re a member or not. So why should you join? Consider the following reasons:

1-21. A stronger industry. Our ability to promote and serve the industry hinges on the support we get from our members. The more members we have, the stronger our resource and influence base, and the better we can meet the industry’s needs.
2. A unified voice. As our membership increases, so does our effectiveness at presenting the industry’s position on legislative and regulatory issues. The entire industry acting together has far more influence than numerous companies acting separately.

3. An information clearinghouse. There are only 24 hours in a day. After running your business, how much time do you have left to keep up with all the developments that could affect your decisions tomorrow? The MCA is a clearinghouse of information about the industry. We sift through what’s new and tell you what’s important.

4. Networking. Collectively, MCA’s membership knows everything there is to know about the concrete industry. When you belong to the MCA, you have access to all of that knowledge through events and programs that give you an opportunity to pick the brains of other industry leaders.



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Read on to learn more about the regulatory, technical, marketing, and training/certification support offered by the MCA.

benefits-promotionPromoting the use of concrete is the major goal of MCA.

Over the years, the MCA has played a significant role in paving the way for concrete pavement construction and increasing the demand for concrete including parking areas. In addition, we’re active in promoting new markets such as Roller Compacted Concrete, Soil-Cement Stabilization Insulated Concrete Form Construction, Pervious Concrete, Decorative/Architectural Concrete and many more innovative concrete uses.

We help member companies publicize noteworthy projects in trade and general-interest media. Our public relations efforts also involve arranging for industry representatives to serve as guest speakers at selected conferences, distributing news releases about industry trends, and providing topical information about concrete technology to appropriate media.

The MCA also maintains contact with engineers, contractors, architects and builders. By targeting this influential audience with informative programs, relevant design guidance material, and recommended specification guidance we keep the benefits of concrete at the forefront among designers and specifiers.

Want to spend your marketing dollars wisely? The MCA offers consulting services to help member companies get the best possible return on their investment in local promotion.

For help with a specific marketing question, contact the MCA office for expert advice regarding the solution to your question.

Improving the quality of concrete and increasing the level of professionalism throughout the industry is an important part of the MCA’s mission. The MCA offers numerous educational and training opportunities to ensure that Michigan’s concrete industry remains strong, educated and respected. These programs are incorporated with the Construction Quality Partnership (CQP) and include:

  • Field Technician Training and Certification.The MCA is responsible for certifying Level I and Level II concrete technicians throughout the state in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • IMCP Best Practice Manual
  • ACI Certification. As a local sponsoring group, the MCA offers ACI certification programs for flatwork finishers, strength testing technicians and aggregate testing technicians.
  • Pervious Certification. In conjunction with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the MCA is the first in the state to offer a Pervious Certification course.
  • Decorative Concrete Certification. The MCA is the first state in the country to offer a Decorative Concrete Certification course.
  • Sales Certification. The MCA was one of the first state associations to offer the Certified Sales Professional Program developed by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.
  • Technical Demonstrations. The MCA periodically conducts demonstrations of new techniques to help members integrate emerging technologies into their business.
  • Seminars and Workshops. Educational programs on a variety of technical, marketing, management and regulatory topics are frequently offered for members at various locations across the state.
  • Industry Materials. The MCA maintains an extensive library of concrete resources to help members stay up-to-date on various aspects of the industry. See the included list of audiovisual materials available for borrowing. We also have a large number of technical brochures/pamphlets. Call the MCA office for your particular need.

benefits-technicalsupportHave a question about a mix design, specifications, concrete applications in extreme temperatures or other technical issues? MCA members can get immediate assistance by MCA Staff.

The MCA also maintains a library of technical bulletins, brochures and videos addressing a multitude of issues faced by faced by the concrete industry. Most of these materials can be acquired from the MCA in bulk for distribution to contractors, producers or customers. In many cases, we can help you get to the bottom of your problem by simply e-mailing, mailing or faxing the appropriate technical resources.

MCA’s technical services are also available to consumers seeking information or advice about concrete. In addition, our web site, www.miconcrete.org serves as a comprehensive source of information for consumers, providing a convenient way to address many of their most frequently asked questions.

Looking for help convincing a developer to use decorative concrete for the sidewalk of a new strip mall or persuading an engineer to specify concrete instead of asphalt? Whether its road or parking area, intersection, ICF, tilt up or decorative concrete, MCA Staff is here to help you with all of your promotional needs. From presenting to a group of architects or engineers, to helping with redesign of a concrete lot or street, they are available to make sure that concrete becomes the material of choice for MDOT, our local municipalities, builders, designers and the specifying community. The staff’s involvement does not stop here; our training program along with onsite support during construction provides the inspection personnel with a solid resource to allow them to develop a complete understanding of the construction process.

The MCA also distributes technical material on all concrete products commonly used in Michigan. This allows for easy access to marketing material that can be picked up, mailed to you, or sent to prospective customers on your behalf. As a member please feel free to utilize any of these tools to aid you in your promotional effort.

benefits-networkingOne of the most beneficial aspects of membership in the Michigan Concrete Association is the many forums we provide for meeting other industry leaders. Our meetings, conferences and seminars provide frequent opportunities to discuss problems and share ideas with your peers in the industry.

Here’s an overview of the primary networking opportunities on the MCA’s calendar of events:

  • Annual Meeting & Concrete Workshop. This annual two-day event, held in a different location each year, is packed with guest speakers and educational sessions to help you stay current with developments in the industry.
  • Summer Outing. The Summer Outing is both an educational and recreational opportunity. Held each summer, this is a meeting not to miss featuring industry speakers and MCA updates.
  • Seminars and Workshops. A variety of seminars and workshops are held around the State throughout the year to give members a chance to get together and learn about issues affecting the concrete industry.
  • Member Communications
  • The MCA serves as a clearinghouse of information about technical, governmental, marketing and business-management issues. As detailed below:
  • Toll-free access. To take advantage of MCA’s services, call 1-800-678-9622. It’s your gateway to the Association.
  • Membership Directory. Published yearly, our Membership Directory is a comprehensive business and networking tool. Advertising opportunities are also available in the directory.
  • Concrete Connections. E-mailed to members every three weeks – or on demand as situations develop. Concrete Connections is a convenient forum for timely notifications and updates on news items, events, job listings, advertisements for equipment & material suppliers and other brief news items.
  • Concrete Solutions. MCA magazine published three times per year as a service to members and customers, highlighting news and innovative happenings in our industry

benefits-governmentalThere’s strength in numbers. A large, organized group of businesses speaking with one voice has more influence on lawmakers and regulatory agencies than a single company working alone.

The Michigan Concrete Association is your voice in Lansing and Washington, D.C. We keep track of new bills and regulatory developments in the state to determine what’s important to your business. We also work with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) and the Portland Cement Association (PCA) on national issues affecting Michigan.

The formation of the Michigan Concrete Association Political Action Committee allows us to financially support and endorse Michigan Legislators who are willing to consider our views on taxes, the environment, economic development and other issues of concern to our industry. Our governmental consultants are on retainer to monitor legislation and keep lawmakers abreast of industry concerns. Our consultants are even available to work one-on-one with members who need help resolving specific problems.

Largely because of MCA’s efforts, mixer trucks are exempt from the 6% state sales tax. Life-cycle-cost legislation championed by MCA requires MDOT to complete an analysis of the pavement types used on projects when the pavement cost exceeds 1 million dollars, this has lead to solid engineering decisions. Among other accomplishments was the reclassification of mixer trucks as off-road vehicles, a designation that qualifies them for a partial rebate on fuel taxes. The Association also was instrumental in defeating a movement that would have drastically reduced weight limits on highways.
As other issues arise, you can be sure the MCA will continue to pursue the governmental interests of its members.

benefits-environmentalThe Michigan Concrete Association offers a variety of support services to help members stay on top of the complex issues surrounding environmental compliance.

For starters, the Association conducts periodic seminars around the state to keep members informed of emerging compliance issues affecting the entire concrete industry.

Need professional advice concerning specific issues affecting your business? MCA members can call Joseph Quandt, an environmental attorney on retainer to MCA. Formerly an attorney with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Joe serves as the resource for one of our most valuable member benefits — one hour of free legal consultation per month.

Joe also writes the Environmental Issues Update, a periodic newsletter about compliance issues distributed free to MCA members. He has also negotiated “group” pricing with a number of environmental consultants who are available for member’s in-depth environmental needs.

benefits-lawFree legal advice for MCA members extends beyond environmental issues. Although environmental matters are a major concern of many members, the one hour of legal consultation available from Joe Quandt each month can be used for any issue — labor relations, lawsuits, and liability. When a legal concern of any nature arises, a call to the MCA can put you on track toward a resolution.

ConcreteBuilding-FlowableFillHave you had a human resource issue lately that you just didn’t know how to handle? Have you tried to develop a supervisor or employee handbook on your own? Need to take a look at your job applications and interviewing procedures?

Jodi Schafer, SPHR, is the MCA’s Human Resources Consultant. She has experience with Employee Relations, Staffing, Management, Compensation, Job Description and Job Analysis, Federal and State Compliance, Wage and Hour and Disability Claim Handling and many other human resource issues.

As with our legal and environmental consulting program, Jodi will be available for up to one-hour consultation a month for all MCA members at no cost.

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