MCA Advanced Concrete New Level II Technician Recertification

RECertification Dates


Check back October 2020 for class schedule.




Don’t Let Your Current Level II Certification Expire…

MCA Level II Technicians with an expiration date of 4/15/2020 will need to register for an upcoming recertification exam to extend their current certification. To verify your expiration date, it is printed on your MCA certificate /wallet card or can be obtained by contacting the MCA office at 800.678.9622. As a reminder, your Level II certification is valid for a three year period in Michigan.

Review Classes

To assist you in preparing for the written and performance exams, a number of review classes have been scheduled prior to the exam dates. The sessions provide a thorough review of the exam material including a discussion of the changes to the specifications within the past three years and the opportunity for the student to refresh their skills in performing the concrete field tests. Review classes are held at various locations throughout the state.

There are a limited number of openings for each review class that vary by location. With approximately 100 Level II technicians expiring this year, it is strongly recommended that you register early to attend your preferred session.

1.  The review classes are 2 ½ days in length including 1 day of classroom instruction, ½ day of laboratory review/practice and 1 day for the exams. Class begins at 1:00 p.m. on Day 1.
2.  Level II Technicians DO NOT have to register separately for a Level I review class. Included with the Level II review session is recertifying your ACI Level I written and performance exams.
3.  Level II students MUST bring their Level II binders including ACI 211.1, “Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight and Mass Concrete.”
4.  It is recommended that all attendees wear clothing that is appropriate for testing concrete.