14. Royal Oak 2020 Road Improvements-2


Location: Hillside Dr., Chester Rd., and Knowles St., Royal Oak
Contractor/Supplier: Mark Anthony Contracting
Owner/Engineer: City of Royal Oak

The city of Royal Oak funds about $5 million in local road repair work every year, through a $2.5 mill property tax assessment. With these funds, the city focuses their attention on local street repairs and reconstruction. The 2020 road reconstruction contract was established to address portions of existing city streets in Royal Oak that had pavement and drainage system failures.

Located in an older part of Royal Oak, this project had minimal space to work, and had to deal with local vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Mark Anthony’s crews were able mix, haul, and place almost 10,000 square yards of 7-inch-thick concrete pavement, utilizing a form-riding paver to spread and consolidate the majority of those 2,000 cubic yards of concrete produced for the project.

Being a residential area, maintaining traffic and access to resident's drives was a challenge depending on what phase of construction was being undertaken. Although faced with difficult conditions at times, the contractor had very few complaints and the City of Royal Oak was pleased with the quality of work as well as the timely completion of the street reconstruction. The quality of workmanship is evident and improves the aesthetics of the community with the new concrete roadways.