2017 Concrete Awards




Awards Photos

(Photos by Aram Kalousdian, Michigan Builder and Infrastructure, http://www.michiganbuilderandinfrastructure.com)

Airports GA - Muskegon County Airport

Airports Taxiways - Whiskey & Sierra Enhancements Phase 2 Detroit Metro

Airports Runways - 4L/22R and Associated Taxiways Detroit Metro

Arterials < 30,000 syd - Lotz Road (Ford Rd to Cherry Hill)

Arterials > 30,000 syd - M-53 (Red Run Drian to 18 Mile)

Collectors - Dodge Park Rd

Commercial Parking Lots - Lenco Credit Union

Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) - 20th Street (Port Huron)

Decorative Concrete - Whole Foods East Lansing

Decorative Concrete (Honorable Mention) - KVCC Culinary

Divided Highway Rural - I 75 Dixie Highway Saginaw County

Divided Highways Urban - I 275 Inlay Project 

Residential Flatwork - 651 Lone Pine Hill Driveway 

Commercial Flatwork - Michigan CAT Showroom Lansing

Municipal Flatwork - Downtown Fenton Streetscape

Industrial - Brembo North America Foundry

Intersections - US 12 Roundabout Marshall

Ramps/Interchanges - I 96/US 23 

Residential Streets - Dearborn Sewer Separation

Structural - Middleville Bridge 

Subdivisions - Deneweth Farms Subdivision

Special Innovative - GM Milford Road - 7.2% Grade

Special Innovative - GM Circle Track Reconstruction

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