The oldest concrete pavement in Michigan was placed in 1906 on Portland Street in Calumet, and is still in service today!

Concrete costs less in the long run!

Oldest concrete pavement in MichiganFederally funded studies show that concrete Interstate pavements cost 13-28% less in the long run than asphalt Interstate pavements.

Recent University of Minnesota studies in Olmsted and Waseca counties show that the use of concrete pavement saved up to 19% in the long run over the cost of using and maintaining similar asphalt roads.

The same studies show that maintenance costs were reduced 75% when concrete was used to pave roads in these counties.

Advancements in concrete technology have reduced the cost of concrete paving while improving performance greatly; advancements in asphalt technology (so-called "SuperPave" mixtures) have increased paving costs significantly (even before considering skyrocketing oil prices) with only modest increases in performance.

Pavement life expectancy chart