5. Holbrook Ave-1


Location: Lumpkin Street to Joseph Campau Avenue, Hamtramck
Contractor/Supplier: Florence Cement Company
Engineer: Hennessey Engineers
Owner: City of Hamtramck DPS

Nestled against both the very busy Kowalski Sausage Company and an old and fragile watermain, Holbrook Avenue’s reconstruction in Hamtramck was a true test of skill and precision in concrete roadway reconstruction. This project consisted of nearly 11,000 square yards of 9-inch-thick concrete pavement, along with the installation of new ductile iron water main and copper service lines to residents’ homes.

This project had its fair share of obstacles. Along with the water main replacement, an old pedestrian tunnel underneath the street as well as old encased train tracks required removal. There was little historical data on the tunnel in terms of size, installation, and when it was constructed, so great caution had to be taken. Florence crews also had to maintain access to both Kowalski Sausage Company and Hamtramck Senior Plaza, both located immediately adjacent to the roadway reconstruction.

Despite its complexities, this five-stage construction project was consolidated and completed in three stages. The new roadway, water main and non-lead water services will provide this community with the civil infrastructure needed to continue its economic recovery and welcome new citizens to Hamtramck.