Concrete simply lasts longer. 

Roman Pantheon Concrete DomeThere's a reason that concrete is the world's most widely used and most recycled construction material.  A concrete surface can perform twice as long as asphalt. The durability advantage means less maintenance, fewer repairs and an end to the expensive reconstruction cycle. Pave it once, pave it right. If you have an interest in the lifecycle costs of a project beyond tomorrow, then concrete is the easy choice.

 • Concrete lasts longer with less need for maintenance and repair!
 • No potholes - so concrete pavements stay smoother longer.
 • No ruts form to fill with water and cause wet weather accidents.

MDOT reports that the average life expectancy of their concrete pavements is 27.5 years before repair while asphalt pavements have an average life expectancy of only 15.5 years before repair

Federally funded studies show that concrete Interstate highways around the U.S. last about 2.5 times longer on average than asphalt Interstate highways. New Minnesota concrete pavement designs are expected to last for 60+ years with minimal maintenance.

Concrete, like fine wine, only gets better with age. This lends itself to being much more durable than other methods of paving and means that you won't be refinishing your pavement every few years. This increased durability prevents the pitting, and breaking up of the surface that can become a safety hazard to your patrons and employees.