3. Clarkston DPW-1


Location: 375 Depot Rd., Clarkston
Contractor: GM & Sons, Inc.
Supplier: Van Horn Concrete
: Village of Clarkston

With a total land area of only 0.44 square miles, the Village of Clarkston is the smallest city by land area in the state of Michigan. But that small size does not mean that Clarkston has to choose short-life pavements! The Village realized their dream of a long-life, low-maintenance parking concrete area to go along with their recently renovated DPW garage and city hall building.

Prior to the renovation and reconstruction, the existing parking area consisted of gravel, which was removed and graded to the proper elevation in preparation for the new, bright concrete slab. GM & Sons was contracted to place the 7-inch concrete slab across an area of almost 8,000 square feet. They utilized Van Horn Concrete’s nearby Waterford plant to supply the concrete, making it an easy 10-minute drive for the ready-mix drivers to get the 200 cubic yards to the site. Concrete: Fresh, Local, and a Solid Investment.