16. ACE Cutting Overlay-1


Location: 25125 Trans-X Road, Novi, Oakland County
Contractor: Albanelli Cement Contractors
Supplier: Superior Materials
Owner: Ace Cutting Equipment & Supply

Ace Cutting put an exclamation point on its new retail and rental headquarters grand opening with this stunning concrete overlay of the old asphalt parking lot. Superior performance, longer lifespan, and a bright and attractive appearance led to Ace Cutting’s owner Ron Measel choosing a concrete overlay with integral curb for the existing parking area at the newly renovated building.

The overlay totaled 600 cubic yards of concrete pavement at an average thickness of 4 inches. To supply further reinforcement, 4 pounds per cubic yard of MAC360 macrosynthetic fiber were added to the mix, eliminating the need for any steel in the slab. The existing asphalt parking lot was in rough shape, but overall, still able to provide a solid base for the overlay.

Preparation for the overlay included pre-placement of adjoining walks and ramps, as well as adjusting manhole and catch basin structures. Certain soft spots in the existing asphalt had to be removed and filled with a base course of concrete to make sure everything was level for the overlay. Despite the COVID-19 shutdown delaying work, the parking lot was still completed in time for the building’s May 7th grand opening.

The overlay was the end result of collaboration assembled amongst MCA members on all facets of the design and construction process. Layout and design considerations were discussed between Ace Cutting and MCA staff, quality concrete was provided by Superior Materials, and flawless placement was performed by Albanelli’s crews. Once placed, Ace Cutting gladly helped supply the saw blades needed to install the parking lot’s joints cleanly and accurately.