13. Nishon Residence Outdoor Living Area-1


Location: Plymouth
Contractor: Albanelli Cement Contractors
Supplier: Messina Concrete
Designer: Labra Design + Build
Owner: Nishon Family

The Nishon Family in Plymouth desired a much larger outdoor living space than their current stamped concrete patio and terrace. Their new design included a much larger upper-level patio, seat walls with lighting, and a lower-level patio with fire pit. Who better to trust than Albanelli, who installed the original patio in 1992 for the original homeowners.

After demolition of the old patio, the upper-level retaining walls were formed and placed with dark grey integral colored concrete. The upper patio received a platinum grey color hardener and was stamped with Yorkstone tools and dark grey antiquing release. The seat walls were placed next, with dark grey Chromix and exposed with a light sand blast exposure level with TopCast surface retarder and pressure washing. The steps were then formed and placed with charcoal Chromix and the sandblast exposure level followed by the lower patio in dark grey color with a 1/8" exposure.

Small but complex, this project used only 29 cubic yards of concrete total but required five separate loads, as each patio element had to be completed separately. Continuity of production became a concern but was not an issue, because this project was a good place for a small crew to get back into the swing of things after a Covid-19 shutdown early in the season.

A combination of quality architectural finishes and materials involved, partnered with high level craftsmanship exhibited by the Albanelli crews make this home stand out from the rest. Most importantly, the owners are so ecstatic about their new outdoor living space that it’s hard to get them indoors during the summer.